30 Minutes Of Chasing Pavement With Chase Hiller – MOLuv Skate

Video of the year? Already? It could be. Chase Hiller has been killing it for the past 12 months and shows no signs of letting up. Adam Heironimus delivers 30+ Minutes of rad film and edit I couldn’t stop watching. This video highlights some of the energy and talent Chase brings to skateboarding so sit back and get stoked!

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“I wanted to do something different with this video. Instead of dropping the typical 2min edits and uploading RAWs to Facebook, I decided to start holding onto my favorite runs filmed. What started as saving a clip here and there soon lead to 13 months of filming. Through 7 states, and 5 countries. Consistently giving it all I had down each stretch of pavement while the camera was rolling. This video is my baby. Hope you enjoy it!” -Chase Hiller

Film/Edit: Adam Heironimus