NCDH // January Brixton 2018

NCDH kicking the year off with the 2018 Brixton race down a snowy road.

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To start the year off, we returned to the classic Brixton race hill atop Beech Mtn. Upon arrival, we discovered that the road we had planned on skating was still covered with powder from the recent snowfall. Luckily, just before we were about to lose all hope of running the event, a local resident drove by with a snow plow and offered to clear the road for us. We thanked him with a few cold beverages, and the skating begun. It took each skater a few runs to adapt to the less than favorable conditions, but the cold weather didn’t deter attendance, with the first race of the 2018 Brixton series being one of the largest yet. Overall, the event was a blast for skater and spectator alike, with the intensity fueled by the amount of crashes, constant barrage of snowballs, and laughter.

Special thanks goes out to @madisuncrom skate dad for keeping track of attendance and organizing the race heats, @tangyteaj and @beastcoast_halez for putting the visuals together, @themarcuskingband for the song ‘Boone’ in the video. Thanks to @phillbaldwin & @00nathaniel00 or the rad photo album on the #NCDH Facebook Page.

All photograph credits to the respective photographers: Nathaniel Flowers & Phill Baldwin

Thanks to everyone who attended, we hope that you can make it out to at least one of our monthly races! Please contact us for details.

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Photo by Phill Baldwin