Maryhill Spring Freeride Has One Trick, And Skaters Everywhere Hate It

After a winter of dodging rain and watching skate videos, the Maryhill Spring Freeride is a much anticipated opportunity to get the rust off of your bearings and get some runs in with almost 200 of your closest friends. Each year the Spring Freeride brings together skaters from across the world for a weekend of stoke and tons of incredible memories.

A weekend at maryhill is more than just skating, its a chance to catch up with friends, enjoy some of my favorite local breakfast foods, and you even get to ride up the hill a moist Uhaul. The spring freeride is a friendly and non competitive event. Everyone there is there to skate and have a good time rather than having a focus on racing. That being said there is tons of time to challenge yourself and sometimes you can even find an outlaw race with a cash prize hosted by Zealous Bearings on Saturday.

This year, the Maryhill Ratz will be taking the hill over April 28-29th, 2018 for the first event of the year, but there’s a catch… registration has already sold out!! So if you like having fun, well run events, and riding your skateboard down hills, I hope you didn’t blow you chance to go to the best freeride of the year. While the Spring Freeride has already sold out this year, there is a waitlist and you should get on it now!

It is definitely not recommended to try and just show up at the event, you will likely be very disappointed.

For more information check out http://maryhillratz.com.

Check out Northwest local Spencer Smith taking a run at the 2017 Spring Freeride:

Photos from @NWorDie: