Loaded TV Is Back! Watch Season 3 Ep. 1 Now!

Stoked to see that Loaded Tv is back for Season 3! We’ve started looking forward to these and did not know if they would continue the series. Episode one kicks off with a feature on Alex Colorito and his photography.

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We’re back with another season of LoadedTV! Once again we are mixing things up by bringing you an adventure video and an educational video every Monday at 12pm PST!

We begin Season 3 with an in depth look of the artistic process of Alex Colorito, the Loaded in house photographer transplant from Minnesota.

With his passion in photography, Alex Colorito is always busy trying to find new ways of portraying the sport of longboarding. When he isn’t out in the hills skating canyon roads, he’s either behind the lens snapping photos of his fellow teammates, or hoofing it in the street of LA, capturing the side people rarely pay much attention to.

Find his work at: www.AlexColorito.com