2018 Dinghy – Landyachtz

Landyachtz has released their 2018 line up this past week. First up in what we imagine will be a series of videos highlighting each of the new models is the Dinghy line up. Tried and trusted, the Dinghy is inarguably one of the best and most reliable cruisers year after year. Peep the video featuring a handful of team riders and even more riding environments and check out the current available graphics below.

Premium addition, Dinghy Turbo, has hollow kingpins, fibreglass and a new wheel, Rocket Hawgs.

New Graphics:

*Beastwreck is intended for smaller riders with softer bushings

New Shapes:

More from Landyachtz:

The dinghy has been our go to cruiser for nearly 20 years. Ideal for cruising the neighborhoods, beaches, and campuses of the world.  With our crew of skaters and engineers we’ve been able to design the trucks, wheels and deck together, creating the perfect off the shelf complete. Easy to learn on, and easy to shred if you’ve been skating for years.

Find all the Dinghy models available here.