Pepe Laporte – Way Down We Go – Cuei Wheels

Cuei Wheel heating up with the media lately. We know their top rider are gearing up for race season, so no surprise we’re seeing some sick media coming out with it. Check out this profile on team rider Pepe Laporte from Brazil.

From Cuei Wheels:

Some are groomed for this since a young age. Some have to earn it.

At 20 years of age, Pepe Laporte has followed the footsteps of Thiago Lessa and Max Ballesteros from the hills of Belo Horizonte to the hills across the globe!! With an effortless style, Pepe fine tunes his skills on his home turf to take on the IDF racing World Tour in 2018!

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Alguns são preparados para isso desde novos. Alguns têm que batalhar para merecer o seu lugar.

Aos 20 anos de idade, Pepe Laporte seguiu os passos de Thiago Lessa e Max Ballesteros nas ladeiras de Belo Horizonte para as ladeiras do mundo!! Com um estilo natural, Pepe aprimora suas habilidades em suas ladeiras locais para se preparar para a Tour Mundial da IDF em 2018!

#cuei #younggun

Film and edit: Max Ballesteros