Rachel Bagels BLAST OFF

One of our favorite skares and a regular Skate Slate contributor Rachel Bagels has been getting tuned up for her next trip. Skating open roads is nothing like closed event roads, so Rachel’s gotta be on her game when she sends it!

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Rachel Bagels raging down a road somewhere in southern California.

What do you do in a sketchy situation? Take a deep breath and SEND IT. Safely, of course.
Always skate within your limits on open roads!

Rachel is riding a Zero31 Longboards Doge on 145mm Valkyrie Trucks Voxters V2s with Ahmyo Muktis. Special thanks as well to Polyboards Shop, Ojoom Pucks, Skate [Slate], and Larry Bruskoff and Co.

Blue Orchid by The White Stripes