Paris Truck Co Welcomes Toti MTC

Paris Truck Co have been on a tear in 2018, bringing together some of the best riders in their disciplines for all around just quality, fun times on skateboards. Adding to the mix in a huge way, Paris is stoked to announce the addition of team rider Toti MTC (aka @totibicicleta, aka Toti Patineta, Toti Motocicleta aka…). Watch the welcome to video and get stoked for what’s to come from this combo!

From Paris Truck Co:

His prowess speaks for itself, Toti is one of a kind. Blending all types of skating into one smooth, techy, freeriding style, Toti brings something new to the table every time he steps on a board. With mind bending tricks, insanely fast slides and tech skating wizardy, he is a master of four wheels.

We are incredibly happy to welcome Toti MTC to the Paris Trucks team!

Chiwoniso – “Zvichapera”
The Fabulous Three – “Nightbird”

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