Tepe and Tacos 2018 Raw Run – James Webster

Tepe and Tacos presented by Skate Warehouse and organized by Kevin Reimer has been praised as one of the best freerides of the year, if not all time. Media fire was hot and heavy on instagram around the event, but we haven’t seen too many raw runs yet. Peep this run of James Webster filmed by Cole Trotta on Send It Skate Media.

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Took a run down Tepe with Cole Trotta filming me.


James Webster Drang Bromodel
160mm Voxter trucks 45/30
Riptide KranK TALLS 90a/93a/96a
Powell-Peralta 75mm 80a race wheels
Zealous Bearings
Seismic Griptape
Riptide PSD mini I/O urethane footstop
Holesom pucks
NJK gloves
SxOne lifer