Kebbek Skateboards Emily Pross Pro Model Announcement

Emily Pross is having a hell of a year already. Earlier this year she joined Kebbek Skateboards in preparation for her race season. Breaking out at the races, she placed 4th in Open Class at Newton’s IDF WC Australia and then came back to take 1st in Open Class at Seaside WQ event in the Philippines. With all the success on the hill, we had to wonder what she was riding outof the Kebbek line up, and as it turns out she has not one, but two promodel boards to release!

Get all the details below and watch out for the release of these winning boards to market.

From Kebbek:

Emily Pross is breaking the glass ceiling of what is possible in downhill skateboarding. She is not only a 3 time world champion downhill racer in the women category, but the only woman to beat the men in open class world cup qualifying races.

This week, Emily came out on top of the podium at the International Downhill Federation World Cup Qualifier, Seaside, located in the Philippines. She beat the two previous world champions, Carlos Paixão & Thiago Gomes Lessa.

I want women to know that it is more than possible to compete with men at a very high professional athletic level.
– Emily Pross

It is about time she has a board with her name on it. We are proud to introduce the Emily Pross Mountain and Emily Pross City in our 2018 line up. More details dropping soon!

We are honored to support emily in her pursuit of being the World Champion downhill skateboarder of 2018. To get her there, we have custom made her 2 pro models this season. We worked very closely with Emily to achieve exactly what she needs to win races.

Downhill skateboarding is an expensive sport, Emily sacrifices a lot to travel the world for a chance to be world champion, and it is a privilege to be able to help her achieve this goal. To do this, we will be giving her 2 pro model boards. She receives direct benefit from the sales of these boards, so two promodels, means more support for Emily, and this is our motivation behind it. I can’t wait to jump into 2018 on Emily’s court side bench. – Joey Bidner

Emily Pross Promodel Downhill Skateboard:

The Emily Pross Mountain has radial drop, which lowers her to the ground for stability and locks her foot in for pre drifts around corners. The steep concave gives her reference of foot position and the short wheel base (22-25) gives her the grip she needs to stick hard lines while racing. The construction is 7 plys of Canadian Maple with 2 plys of fiberglass. This makes her board very light and super stiff.

Length-34.75″ Width-9.5″ wheel base-22″-25″

Emily Pross City-Cruiser:

Emily also likes a skateboard to cruise around the city with while she travels the world racing. To best support her, we gave her a 2nd promodel board. The Emily Pross City is a big double kick that is aggressive enough for bowl and park, but big and boaty enough to make for a great city cruiser.

length-32.24″ width-8.8″ wheelbase 14.75″