Paris Truck Co. Team Raw Run | Tepe and Tacos

Tepe & Tacos is still the talk of the season for freerides and the Paris Truck crew was sure not to miss it. Peep the team raw run from the event.

From Paris Truck Co:

The Paris Crew was stacked at the 2nd annual Tepe & Tacos freeride. With the sun shining on the Central Coast the fun didn’t stop. Top to bottom the crew mobbed riding and vibing 4 wide and 3 rows deep through the sweepers. Jump in the pack and Get Down With Paris in this fully packed run.

Riders: Troy Grenier, Tyler Howell, Austin Pedroni, Camilo Cespedes, Alex Colorito, Ryan Ricker, Chris Cade

Edit: Alex Colorito

Music: Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2 – “A Search”

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