Beggars Supply Co Releases The Guise

New on the scene this year is Beggars Supply Co., direct from heart of Australia’s Calvin Skinner. If you’re not familiar with Calvin, be sure to check out his feature length skate video Burnt Pineapple to get a feel for his mind for media. Calvin has been on creating content for a number of years now, collaborating with not only his local community, but traveling abroad to connect with communities in North America, and working with a variety of brands to build his portfolio and hone his interests in skateboarding and the industry supplying hard goods to it.

Each Beggars Supply Co release is intended to be unique and limited. Produced in the USA in association with Drang Boards, the Beggars line up is short and sweat without simple, subtle features and graphics that make for a classic and timeless feel to the goods. Check out the first release (mostly sold out) and get your feet on one of these new decks for a guaranteed good time.

More from Beggars Supply Co and Calvin:

Inspired by the need to create a board that provided riders with both comfort and control, the guise blends early comfort-oriented downhill skateboarding design with a concave that meets the needs of high-speed performance.

Each board in drop one is being produced in an exclusive retail availability of 10 boards.

Each board is hand-crafted by the team at Drang Longboards in Murray Utah. Drang exercises great attention to detail to ensure that every board they make lasts far past its usage and will be a wall hanger for years on end. The Guise is constructed with only the finest quality Canadian Hardrock maple.

With wheelbases from 24.5″ to 26″, The Guise can accommodate a variety of riding styles – from technical symmetrical freeriding to high-speed downhill performance.

The Guise comes in at 38″ long and 9.6″ wide at it’s widest with a taper to 9.4″ in the standing platform.

The 17″ of W concave sits centred in the .6″ radial concave mould allowing riders to orient towards the front of their board.

The tip-to-tip rocker of the board allows for flat kicks on shorter wheelbases, but also meshes with flush mounting, W concave and radial to create a comfortable pocket that minimises the need for a footstop.

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