East Coast Fs Boards Inc. Releases 2018 Line Up

Deep in the heart of skateboarding is a do it yourself mentality that drives many of us to not only skate, but create everything from spots, to tricks and even the gear we ride. Fs Boards Inc. has come a long way from their roots of building boards in their Long Island, NY garage and put together a bangin’ 2018 line up for all kinds of riding styles. While the DIY ideals haven’t changed, Gerry Kreuder [The Chief] and his crew have continued to pour more and more of their life, heart, and soul into creating some incredibly quality boards for their friends and community.

I recently got back from the Attack of Danger Bay where I got to spend some time with these incredible people and was yet again impressed with them and their creations. Pender Harbour, BC is a long way from New York, but Gerry and fam sent it and not only made the trip, they supported the event, brought a bunch of boards for people to try and buy, and absolutely crushed the whole weekend extravaganza. I am stoked on the opportunity to connect you with them and hope you get a chance to try their boards for yourself sometime. Get to know more about the brand, their boards and the unique art and find out why they make good boards below.

More from Fs Boards Inc.:

After years of prototyping and design, we are proud to share our lineup of boards with the world!

The Downhill Collection is currently comprised of 4 decks that fit a variety of styles, from big mountain skating to sidewalk slashing your local streets.

The Street Collection currently includes two decks that are perfect for the streets, local skatepark, or hidden backyard pool.

Our art is inspired by the mythical monsters that come from the Eastern United States. Gerry Kreuder, The Chief at Fs, created these designs based purely off the stories and writings about each creature, so that they are of his own representation of each one. He did not want to be influenced by other pieces of art during his process, only off the descriptions that have been passed down through these tales. They are connected to us because we too are from the Eastern US and have always been interested in tall tales and myths and expanding our imaginations well past our own realities.

Each one of our decks are crafted with care in the USA. Our downhill decks feature unique and comfortable concaves, Formica top sheets for strength, Hard Rock Canadian Maple, and eye catching artwork. Our street decks are strong, light, and have fun shapes to keep things interesting. We’re all stoked on them and we hope you will be too! – The Chief, Gerry Kreuder

Be sure to pick up one of these shred sticks and Support Your Local Monster!

Currently available at

Motion Boardshop
Flatspot Longboard Shop
Boardworks Techshop
Insanity Boardshop
Thane Store

If you want to see Fs Boards inc decks in your local skate shop, be sure to have them reach out to us!

P.S. Be on the lookout for a few new shapes on the way for summer!! Follow us on Instagram for all the latest news!! @fs_boards_inc