AHMYO Wheels Prana V2 // Mountain rips

The new AHMYO Prana V2 wheels are out and we’ve been stoked to get to ride a set ourselves. Check out Aliens Ed and Jess and keep your eyes out for more on the new wheel this week!


Jesse G. and Ed C. went out to explore mountains down in Mexico and ended up discovering this beautiful hidden gem of a road.
With the new PRANA v2 AHMYO wheels, the bois were hauling ass, mobbin down this steep rollercoaster, fully trusting that grip and slip when needed.

Check out the edit and peep how the Pranav2 wheels respond to some proper Downhill skateboarding! From freshies to scrubs, the new 78a Prana V2 will blow your mind on the hills!

Riders: Jesse Greenberg and Eduardo Cordero