Paris Truck Co Welcomes Camilo Cespedes To The Team

Camilo Cespedes has been making his mark on the industry for many years now, with the last handful prominently at Loaded and Orangatang not only shredding their gear, but also working in their brand offices and helping to create the products, media and marketing behind it along with a grip of other talented people.

With Loaded, Orangatang and Paris all working together these days, it’s not a huge surprise to see that Camilo has taken a liking to their diversity of RKP and TKP trucks. It is however, without question, a huge move for Paris Truck Co and Camilo to officially join forces and bring their positive energies and talents together. Congrats to both of them, we couldn’t be more stoked to see what comes of the relationship.

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It’s not everyday you meet a unicorn, nor do you get the chance to skate with one. Camilo Cespedes is one of a kind. From streets to parks, to freeride and downhill, he skates it all and does it with style and ease. We couldn’t be more stoked to welcome Camilo Cespedes to the Paris Trucks Team!

Film/Edit: Alex Colorito

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