Landyachtz SideWalker – Steven Vera Pro Model Longboard

After over a year of designing and testing Vera’s Sidewalker is finally ready for the masses. Ultra light for tricks with enough features to keep your feet happy at high speeds. What more could you ask for?

When you are exploring an urban environment it’s good to be light on your feet and ready for anything. When Steven Vera designed this board he kept both of those concepts in mind. The hollowtech construction is light, strong and full of pop. Appropriate amounts of concave and well designed geometry make it exactly as it should be, really well made and a ton of fun. It’s not easy to embrace the one-board-does-it-all mentality but Vera’s done it with the Sidewalker; and he makes it look good

Artist: Greg Nicholls


L: 35.5”

W: 9.5”

WB: 19.75”

Deck Material: Canadian Maple with Fiberglass
Concave: Deep
Flex: Low
Grip: Clear Adhesive
Features: Hollowtech, Kicktails, Wheel Flares, Pre-Cured Fiberglass, Made in Canada, 100% Canadian Maple, Deep Concave

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