Rogue Slalom Truck Release

The Rogue Trucks team have always had performance in mind and all of them literally skate everything. So while the brand has released some great trucks in both cast and machined varieties, and had an ample depth of baseplate angle options ( 50,43, 30, 15), there were only 160mm and 180mm hangar options.

It’s no secret that some of those dudes not only slalom, but ride slalom trucks downhill, so it was only a matter of time before we saw some production slalom trucks come out. That time has come and so far the word on the street is that their awesome. We have yet to try them for ourselves, but wanted to share some details with you to check out.

If you’ve tried them, tell us what you think!

More From Rogue Trucks:

Incredibly proud to present the Rogue Slalom truck. After months of testing every theory we had about truck design, we’ve pieced together one of the finest racing trucks ever developed.

The Rogue Slalom front truck utilizes slight geometry tweaks, and 8mm of rake in the axle. Giving it an incredibly quick and responsive feel when diving into hairpins, or weaving through cones.

The rear truck also comes with 8mm of rake, and a heavy geometry overhaul. The hanger is structured around the new Rogue ‘Trailing-Link’ axle design, which places the center of the axle behind the center of the bushing seat. A huge step in little-truck hanger geometry that maximizes grip when cornering or pumping, and amplifies stability in high speed situations.

Fabricated out of 17-4 stainless steel, our axles are designed to withstand the punishment of high stress Downhill applications. After months of real world testing, the team found 13mm of adjustability to be the maximum acceptable range to prevent axle damage and bending. Don’t settle for anything less! 106-119mm.

Axle spacers made out of steel are critical to preventing compressing under heavy amounts of pumping and sliding. There’s nothing worse than a deformed aluminum spacer adding slop to your set up. 106mm – 119mm adjustable.

A softer insert bushing offers a more ‘surfy’ or ‘flowy’ turn side to side. While a harder insert bushing gives a much stronger ‘center-point’ and hook-up out of a slide. All Rogue precisions come stock with 93a Venom Skate insert bushings. The perfect medium between, ‘soft and carvy’ and ‘stiff and stable’.

Width: 106mm – 119mm Adjustable
Hanger Material: 6061 Aluminum
Axle Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel

– Oversize .75″ Venom ‘Tall’ bushings for maximum lean and turn depth
– Each Front truck ships with green 93a HPF tall barrels and Pink 97a HPF tall barrels
– Green 93a HPF insert bushings included in the hangar controls slop for a precise, predictable ride
– Available with 50, 43, 30, and 15 degree baseplates in all gold
– Pressed-in Kingpins
– Graphite Impregnated 93a Venom pivot cups for smoother turning and initiation
– Lifetime no-bend guarantee. if you bend ’em we’ll replace ’em.