AHMYO Wheels Prana V2 Available Now!

AHMYO Wheels have been burning tons of Prana thane over the past years and, after burning even more proto thane, decided it was time to change it up and release the new Prana V2 wheel in an updated shape and new durometer. Get all the details below and don’t miss a chance to get your hands on one of their re-released limited edition signature Tie Dye Tshirts out now!

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We’ve been working with different manufacturers to find the right fit for each wheel we develop over the years. Each manufacturer has their unique strengths and we want to create wheels that work best for riders by taking advantage of these specializations. For the new Prana V2 we went back to our roots and linked up with one of the OG skateboard wheel makers to try out some new stuff and put them to the test.

While we were stoked on the Prana V1, we liked the idea of using a new formula that was slightly more oriented towards drifting and made it easier to kick out a slide and drift comfortably even with the skin on. With the skin off, they then become extremely stable and controllable at speed and a lot of fun. To make that happen, we went with a supple 78a duro versus the 81a of the past.

Jesse Greenberg on Proto Prana V2. Phtoto Brainwash Media

Not only did we refine the formula and duro, the new Prana V2 shape has also been tweaked and updated from what we learned with V1. Now 74mm tall, but still 66mm wide, the V2 comes with a centre set core matched with thicker lips which provide a confident grip while charging corners and great hookup for fast speed checks when it’s time to slide.

Eduardo Cordero. Photo Brainwash Media


Diameter: 74mm
Contact patch: 66mm
Durometer: 78A
Core: Centre

We’re stoked to have these out for everyone to enjoy and try something new!

Check out some footage of Jesse Greenberg and Eduardo Cordero ripping some Mountains in Mexico and putting the Prana to the test.

Get more details on the Prana V2 here, and don’t forget to check out the limited release of that Signature Steeze-shirt out now!