Caliber Truck Co. – Oliver Lanyon

Vancouver Local Oliver Lanyon took a trip to California to hang out with his Caliber Truck Co teammates and skate some classic spots around the state. Peep the new video part from the yung ripper.

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Remember the good ole’ days when you were first learning to longboard down hills? Coring wheels, hiking corners, skating hills with no corners? Oliver Lanyon remembers those days. Actually, Oliver still lives for those days. So when he came to visit us in California we took him to all the classic spots and did it the old school way. We hope this video gets you hyped to get out, hike some corners, core some wheels, and have a blast doing it.

Rider: Oliver Lanyon
Setup: Prism Theory v2, Caliber Precision 44, Blood Orange wheels
Film and edit: Tom Flinchbaugh
Music: “Watermelon Man” Herbie Hancock, “Mycose” La Femme
Photography: Andrew Medeiros