Paris Truck Co. | Longboard Update | Eduardo Campos

It’s hard to keep up sometimes with the latest trends in new tricks. Dancing and flatland are growing so quickly and developing their own lexicon and, fankly, we don’t even know who half the riders are out there killing it. Well we know Paris Truck Co team rider Eduardo Campos and it seems he;s doing all he can do download new tricks and make them something of is own… sometimes the system crashes!

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Constantly downloading the newest tricks, Brazilian rider, Eduardo Campos is like a machine. Rifling them off like a click of a button, he’s on the next level of the longboarding freestyle game. Consistent, technical, and always working on the next move, he’s pushing the system to the max. Sit back and take all in, we know it’s a lot to process.

Film/Edit: Achel Machin

Music: Fly My Voice – “Warsaw Village Band” (SOOHAN Remix)

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