The Gambler – Dexter Manning Pro Model Longboard – Landyachtz

Dexter Manning has long been known to send it as hard as anyone, but with a special zest for sending it in a few places most wouldn’t. It’s not that he’s risky, he’s just dialled, confident, and ultimately just stoked on what life brings. It’s fitting that his board is the Gambler, but really because the board helps Dexter roll those dice in a much more locked in, stable way. All tied up with his pro model, he’s stacking the cards in his favor and ready to rake it in.

Get a small feel for the Gambler below, then get out and ride one!

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Dexter Manning skates down hills…fast! He wanted to create a simple, functional downhill specific board that’s completely comfortable at high speeds. This 100% Canadian maple, top mount board has CNCed Wheels wells, deep concave and flush mounting. It’s simple and too the point, so you can focus on the road ahead. Roll the dice and play the hand you’ve been dealt, the gamblers got you.

L: 33.91″ | W: 9.79″ | WB: 24.2″

Artist: Pedro Oyarbide

Filming: Dave Leslie, Dan Norberg, Max Dubler

Deck material: 8 Ply Canadian Maple
Concave: Deep
Flex: Low
Features: Micro Drops, CNC Wheel Wells, 100% Canadian Maple, Deep Concave

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