Jake & Nic on Joyrides // Rayne Longboards

Rayne Longboards have some new gear dropping including their new Deelite construction and some freeride wheels. Catch some of the hype with jake Ballantyne and Nicollas Perriguad.

More form Rayne:

Jake Ballantyne and Nicolas Perrigaud opting for Joyrides on this windy path. Both are riding the new Bromance, which is now Deelite. Standard!

Joyrides are a fun light wheel ideal for dancing and cruising. They are super soft and have a long lasting, smooth slide. A lively mix of offset shape, thick lips, and stone ground surface, Joyride wheels have predictable grip and slide engagement, making them totally awesome for shredding streets and carving alleys. Steal your friends’ or get your own because these longboard wheels are a joy to ride.

Diameter: 65mm
Width: 47mm
Contact Patch: 44mm
Durometer: 80a (Red)
Lips: Chamfered
Core: Offset
Surface: Stone Ground