SKATELAND | Axel & Toti | Paris Truck Co.

There’s no shortage of skate spots in Barcelona, it’s a skater’s paradise. Get Axel Serrat and Toti MTC together and the possibilities are endless. They set off across the city to find new and untapped areas, making a journey exploring what they call, “Skateland.”

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PB & J is like Mac & Cheese, both compliment each other. Same goes for Axel Serrat and Toti MTC. Put them together and turn them loose in a city made for skating and magic happens. Get on board and rally on a tour through one of their favorite places they like to call, “Skateland!”

Skating with friends is the best! Toti is one of my favorites because he always makes me push my limits! – Axel Serrat

You haven’t truly skated Barcelona until you’ve spent a couple of days skating around with Axel, then you’ll never want to go home. – Toti MTC

Film: Sergio Garrudo, Guillem Salva, Toti MTC, Axel Serrat
Edit: Axel Serrat

Music: The Gene Dubley Group – “Inspector Norse”

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