Shasta Smiles For Miles | Levi Green & Tyler Howell Longboarding in NorCal

What couldn’t you find to smile about skating with Levi Green and Tyler Howell. These guys have some of the most fun around and Mt Shasta is surely an epic setting to let the good times flow with local and fellow teammate Morgan Owens.

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Big mountain roads equals big mountain fun. Levi Green and Tyler Howell ventured out to visit teammate Morgan Owens for a tour down some of his favorite local runs. The high country didn’t disappoint and the boys went to town taking laps through the paves in NorCal.

Waking up early may not be our strong suit, but the hills didn’t go anywhere while we were sleeping, so we’re good! Right? – Levi Green

NorCal getaways never disappoint. And big mountain rips with Mr. Purple never get old. Our days were filled with epic skate adventures, swimming holes to snowy slackline sessions. Nothing but good times, good vibes, and smiles for miles. – Tyler Howell

Film: Dustin Ascheman
Photos: Ryan Ricker

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