Josh Neuman || Bails Vol. 2

Josh Neuman takes some flack for all his footage out there, but we respect the grinding. Josh is out there skating as much as possible and documenting it for himself, his sponsors and his fans. We’re Josh fans here at Skate Slate. Over the past few years his super friendly personality and tenacity for skating have caught our attention and admiration…. just too bad it comes hand-in-hand with all these bails! Check out Volume 2 capturing some of the thrills and spills of downhill.

More from Josh Neuman:

Wheels: Various Powell-Peralta Wheels

Trucks: Paris Truck Co. Savants

Board: Arbor Highground

Bearings: Bones Race Reds

Camera: Canon 7D Mark 2

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Be sure to watch Bails Volume 1 as well…