NCDH // Saturated September Brixton

NCDH Brixton recap coming in hot, and wet.

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As Hurricane Florence entered it’s third day of landfall on the NC coast, we decided it would be best to not cancel the September Brixton. The storm was forecasted to stall it’s inland approach, allowing for possible dry conditions. Despite the optimistic weather reports and hopeful visitors that traveled, we were in store for another rainy race at Beech.

As usual, Kactus Kevin was the first one skating and got everyone else to join in between pockets of rainfall. DTB showed up in full force just in time for Round 2 and fun runs. The Asheville Pastry Boys showed up with a tarp and saved the day, as well as snagging every podium spot. Muff took the win after a tangle in the first corner that took out Dan Arney (who was allegedly pushed at the line, pending review for recall), with Tyler Hunt and Chris Anders following.

PODIUM Marshal Parrish Chris Anders Tyler Hunt Dan Arney Photo by: Thomas Richmond

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Enjoy this re-cap video from Thomas Richmond
Words by: Madison Crum
Song: ‘Tribal Dance’ by Peter Green