The BIG One | A Downhill Skateboarding Film // The Homies Skate Media

The Homies Skate Media out of Vancouver, Canada, continues to produce some top notch media featuring an incredible list of homies. While most of their footage comes out as raw runs or short edits, The Big One, takes their production from the typical 2mins to 15+ minutes of banger footage. Be sure to check out this one out!

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We threw down all over British Columbia this summer to bring you our first official full length: The BIG One

– Clayton Arthurs
Kebbek Crafty, Aera K5s, Sector 9, Venom, RAD, Powell Snakes & Abec 11 wheels
– Tyler Gillingham
Chopped Arbor Backlash, Paris Savants, Sector 9 wheels
– Alex Charleson
Original Arbiter, Aera K5s, Powell DH wheels
– Jake Ballantyne
Rayne Bromance, Valkyrie Trucks, Rayne, Powell & Abec 11 wheels
– Oliver Lanyon
Prism Theory, Caliber Trucks, Powell Snakes
– Nolan Kraeker
Landyachtz Charlie Horse, Paris Savants, Sector 9 butterballs

Film & Edit: Jake Ballantyne
Follow Car: Tyler Gillingham & Clayton Arthurs

Expect lots more content this winter!