Prism Skate Co. – Duality Featuring Liam Morgan and Tom Flinchbaugh

Prism might not be that old, but Liam Morgan and Tom Flinchbaugh have been skating together a long time now. Besides a shared love of shred, these two both have some mutual appreciate for the some of the roots of downhill videos that inspired them both. Check out their homage to the past in their new video, Duality.

More from Prism:

We were thinking recently about some of the videos that inspired us to pick up a skateboard and point it downhill. Pieces that captured the simple rush of bombing a perfectly paved mountain pass with your friends. Video footage from a point when the only way to show anyone else what it was like was to put it all out there and carry camera with you, taking you right into the pack and along for the ride. So with those memories in mind Tom and Liam headed out to a road that has inspired people to skate big mountains since for years. We wanted to pay homage to the skaters and videos that got us into it and hopefully inspire more to someday do the same. This isn’t about the highest speeds or the biggest slides. It’s about the one simple feeling that we can all relate too – bombing a hill is fun.

Riders: Liam Morgan, Tom Flinchbaugh
Edit: Tom Flinchbaugh
Music: The Cure “A Forest”