Kutting Loose | ft. Yazper and Marco | Loaded Boards Kut-thaka

The newest Loaded whip is all the rage right now with their ambassadors. If you haven’t picked up on what they’re cutting down yet, the Kut-thaka has been chopped from the Kathaka which has now been discontinued… though it will live on for years to come under foot and in our hearts.

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The Kut-thaka has arrived and brought endless fun to fans of minis and mini-horses!

Yazper Maldonado and Marco Sandoval got to put their skate magic to work on this little addition to the Loaded Boards lineup!

With Miguel Azanza behind the lens, Yazper and Marco’s exceptional skills are on full display while the Kut-thaka kuts loose under their feet!

Setups: Loaded Boards Kut-thaka, Paris Truck Co. 149mm Street Trucks, Orangatang Wheels Orange/Yellow Skiffs

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