Linked Media | Overseas pt. 1

Oooooooowwwweeeee!!! Linked Media has released part one of their Overseas feature full length video in association with Chroma Skateboards. With a fat line up of rad skaters and all the world their stage, these videos are eyegasms you don’t want to miss.

A few boys from the West Coast took a trip far from home to skate the best hills in the world, and have the time of their lives. Justin Vivian, Garret Smith, Luke Spodobalski, and Michael Ambrey show you what NorCals style looks like on hills all over Romania, the Czech Republic, and the French Alps.

*Skateboarding film associated with Chroma Skateboards*

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Also, please stay tuned for pt. 2 all on the island of Tenerife coming soon.

Chroma Skateboards
Caliber Truck Co
Prism Skate Co
Ahmyo Wheels
Urethane Burners
Randal Trucks
Skate Blood Orange
Remember Collective

Justins setup:
Chroma Aurora
Randal Trucks
Remember Collective Optimos

Garrets setup:
Prism Origin v2
Caliber cast 44 degree
Ahymo Muktis

Michaels setup:
Chroma Aspect
Paris Savants
Ahmyo/Powell Peralta wheels

Spuds setup:
Chroma Aspect
Caliber Precisions
Ahmyo Muktis

5% tint instumental – Travis Scott
Evil Ways – Santana
It makes the babies want to cry – George Clanton
Smoking Pixels – Jungle
Crumble – Jungle
We can’t be friends – Dream Koala