Arbor Skateboards :: Mtn. Pursuits – Canadian Coast Mountains feat. Will Smallwood & Tyler Gillingham

Arbor Skateboards team riders Will Smallwood and Tyler Gillingham have been skating their home turf of beautiful British Columbia since they were Colabo groms with Dan Pape. Ultimately, we have been watching these guys grow as rad humans and skaters for years now and we couldn’t be more stoked to see a feature from Arbor on their Mtn Pursuits all these years later.

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Downhill made the mountains an authentic part of the wider landscape of skateboarding. Mtn. Pursuits celebrates this alpine venue, and the unique intersection of speed, style, and environment that is downhill skateboarding.

In this instalment of Mtn. Pursuits, follow Arbor Skateboards Team Riders Will Smallwood and Tyler Gillingham as they journey through their home territory of British Columbia up the Sea to Sky Highway through Squamish, Whistler, and Pemberton for explorations of amazing mountain roads and breathtaking scenic stops along the way.