Blood Orange: Achel Machin

Blood Orange team rider Achel Machin come together to help make Achel’s dreams come true and put together a banger in California.

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We knew Achel had always wanted to shoot a part out here. When everything finally lined up and he was able to visit, we set him loose in all the beautiful cities and spots surrounding our headquarters and got to work to create a piece that is equal parts Achel and California.

Here’s what Achel had to say: “When I heard I was gonna shoot a part in California, the little kid inside me saw the opportunity of fulfilling a longtime dream. It filled me with excitement as well as a fair amount of pressure to live up to expectations and previous Blood Orange videos. The beauty of this video is that Tom got it all. The incredible pieces of nature we saw, the good tricks and clean lines just as much as the raw, organic, and sometimes sketchy ones, the fun and the frustration, and the welcomeness of the Blood Orange family. All of that with an artistic eye and a faithfulness to reality that I’m sometimes too self-conscious to share in my own edits. No bullshit.”

Film/Edit: Tom Flinchbaugh
Rider: Achel Machin
Music: Steve Lacy “Some”, Yellow Days “Tired”