Patrick Switzer Featured In New Renault Car Commercial

Patrick Switzer lights up the mainstream marketing world with some close contact downhill versus the new Renault Megane R.S. in Dubai.

*Don’t try this at home kids!*

But actually, don’t try this at home.

This commercial for Renault is lit (littered and on fire) with some rad clips, that are clearly not for everyone to try and emulate. While Patrick Switzer has been on a bit of hiatus from ‘competing’, he does make appearances at a variety of events from Kozakov to Pump Track Challenges while he works on some injury rehab, goes to school, spends time with his partner Tamara, and drinks coffee and kombucha (lots of it). It also seems he has made time for filming with Renault for a car commercial.

Patrick is not only a downhill skating World Champion, he is also no stranger to combining automotives and longboarding. While there are a lot of stories that can go into this, from making videos for (with) skate sponsors, to Greener Pastures, my favorite is the one about Top Gear. Years ago in 2013, Patrick was featured in a Korean version of Top Gear vs a Lotus Evora.

At the time, Canadian Patrick Switzer and Korean Jaqusang, both riding Rayne Lomgboards, were on Top Gear Korea where they “race” the Lotus Evora down some hairpins. You don’t need to understand Korean to know whats happening.

Real talk, the Lotus got crashed out, Patrick and Jaqusang were both fine and not in any danger, but Patrick stole the emblems from the wrecked car. True story. Fast forward now 5 years and Renault has Patrick Switzer in Dubai, drifting cars, and then skating in close quarters with their new Megane R.S. back in April.

With the new commercial getting released in the past few days, they content is finally hitting the interwebz. Renault is framing the event as a “challenge down the treacherous Jebel Jais track.”

Phillipe Merimee (Renault Sport Cars, Development Driver) puts Patrick Switzer ( Downhill Pro Skater- 3 times World Champion) to the challenge down the treacherous Jebel Jais track. Who will conquer the road? – Renault

Here’s what Patrick had to say on facebook:

A choreographed dance between the Renault Sport Formula One Team Renault Megane R.S driven by #PhilippeMerimee and downhill skateboarder #PatrickSwitzer down #JebelJais in the United Arab Emirates.

The production crew at B2Cham Pictures captured a proximity between car and rider like never seen before. I thank you dearly for your effort in bringing this dream to fruition.

The #MeganeRS is one very surprisingly fast & responsive vehicle. Drifting the car at its max speed with professional instruction on the Dubai Autodrome was sensation already deeply engrained. No matter if it is rubber or urethane being left on the track, feeling the thin line between grip & slide is the reason we ride!

“A choreographed dance” indeed. Patrick and Phillipe get so close, they touch numerous times, while otherwise skating/driving in as close quarters as we’ve possibly seen – even ending with a moving high-five.

While we are definitely stoked on this commercial, we definitely need to reinforce the idea that Patrick Switzer is actually a professional, so was the driver and this was a closed road. Being a professional is actually different than being ‘sponsored’ or having skated for a long time no matter how god you think you are. Even as a professional, Patrick was extremely at risk of injury or worse. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS. Thank you.