Alex Charleson | The BIG One Raw Runs | The Homies Skate Media

Canadian Alex Charleson puts down a raw rip for the new feature from The Homies Skate Media, The BIG One.

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Raw Run 3/7

Alex Charleson charges down a flowy island run.

Film: Clayton Arthurs
Edit: Jake Ballantyne

Arbiter Pro
K-Rimes 72mm

Watch the full video of The Big One here.

– Clayton Arthurs
Kebbek Crafty, Aera K5s, Sector 9, Venom, RAD, Powell Snakes & Abec 11 wheels
– Tyler Gillingham
Chopped Arbor Backlash, Paris Savants, Sector 9 wheels
– Alex Charleson
Original Arbiter, Aera K5s, Powell DH wheels
– Jake Ballantyne
Rayne Bromance, Valkyrie Trucks, Rayne, Powell & Abec 11 wheels
– Oliver Lanyon
Prism Theory, Caliber Trucks, Powell Snakes
– Nolan Kraeker
Landyachtz Charlie Horse, Paris Savants, Sector 9 butterballs