Linked Media | Overseas pt. 2

Back with part two, Linked Media has the goods from overseas with a rippin cast of riders on the trip of a lifetime.

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The boys, (minus Garret) continue their journey on to the mythical island of Tenerife, Spain. There, they met up with island locals Angel and Santi, and skated some of the best roads the island had to offer. This trip consisted mostly of chilling by the beach, eating some delicious food, partying way too hard, skating some fucking SICK roads, and honestly barely filming anything. But here is what we got. Please share, like, and all in all, please enjoy (:


Extra Film:
Mike Ambrey

*Skateboarding film associated with Chroma Skateboards*

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Chroma Skateboards
Caliber Truck Co
Prism Skate Co
Ahmyo Wheels
Urethane Burners
Randal Trucks
Skate Blood Orange
Remember Collective

Justins setup:
Chroma Aurora
Randal Trucks
Remember Collective Optimos

Garrets setup:
Prism Origin v2
Caliber cast 44 degree
Ahymo Muktis

Michaels setup:
Chroma Aspect
Paris Savants
Ahmyo/Powell Peralta wheels

Spuds setup:
Chroma Aspect
Caliber Precisions
Ahmyo Muktis

Los Sabandenos- Pasodoble Islas Canarias
Monster Rally- Sunny Sloth
Ta-Ku- Day 18
The Buttertones- Delincuente
ATC- All Around The World
Feloche- Silbo
Monster Rally- Flight to the Jungle (Take Off)
The Buttertones- Colorado
Wun Two- Again