MOVEMENT: 21 Years of Carver Skateboards

I’ve had the pleasure of riding a few Carver boards over the years, but I honestly didn’t realize they have been around over twenty years now. I’ve also had the chance to meet Neil Carver a few times and skateboarding has definitely been a fountain of youth for him. Neil is one of the more humble and friendly people I have met in the industry over the years, I would also have to say he is one of the more respected. The Carver brand has followed suit and it keeps a rather immaculate aesthetic to go along with well-made, and rather durable product. We’re stoked for Carver and their success and wish them well on what we hope will be another 20 years.

More from Carver:

It all started one summer in 1996 with two surfers from Venice, California. They wanted to surf the warm waters of the Venice Breakwater, but it was as flat as a lake. So like the many generations before them, they took to the streets with skateboards in search of hills to surf. As they dropped in on those asphalt waves, they were struck with how unlike surfing the experience was. They really missed the snap and drive of the modern surfboard, with that pivot from the tail that lets you pump a wave for speed, and cut back into the pocket. They were left only imagining the performance they wanted, unable to get that feeling with any skateboard on the market. After experimenting with many new designs and dozens of prototypes, Carver made its first production trucks. Today, after 21 years of continuous innovation, Carver is proud to continue to lead the revolution in surfskate and provide that stoke to a new generation of riders from around the globe.

To commemorate this legacy, we created the 31.5” Origin model. In the early days we rode everything on one board, wide and short with a stretched-out wheelbase, long enough to handle a hill with skill, short enough to have fun pumping a driveway bank. This model introduces our new Hyperspoon mold, featuring a deeper spooned nose and a more progressive skate tail.

9 3/4″ wide
17 1/4″ wheelbase
69mm Concave Smoke wheels

Carver started with the sea, and with the joy of sliding on the face of a wave. But we are also surrounded by an abundance of municipally made inclined surfaces, our ‘waves by proxy’, so we slide across all this cement on watery bearings, capturing a similar kind of potential energy. Surfing inspired Carver’s innovative skateboard trucks, and now 21 years later we celebrate the true origin of our stoke; the wave and the process of its creation.

The graphic tells the story of the origin of waves, from the sun and winds to the moon and tides. Like our own history, we began as a small ripple, building into a groundswell over time. We chronicle this history in the new documentary ’21 Years of Stoke’, showing the beginnings of Carver and this nascent surfskate renaissance.

In those early days we rode everything on one board, long enough to handle a hill with skill, short enough to have fun pumping a driveway bank. Wide and short with a stretched-out wheelbase, this proportion always worked well, so we made this commemorative 21 year board just that. We made the quintessential surfskate shape by literally combining contours of a surfboard nose with a skateboard tail, both from a metaphoric and functional standpoint. Introducing the new Hyperspoon mold, our most advanced surfskate mold yet, this new mold features a deeper spooned nose and a more progressive skate tail. It’s a more extreme version of our classic Spoon mold, continuing to push surfskate performance forward.

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