AHMYO Wheels White Merkaba Featuring Eduardo Cordero – Skate[Slate].TV

AHMYO Wheels dropped the updated White Merkaba with a new outer-dimesnional urethane for our planetary performance pleasures. 

Eduardo Cordero in BC. Photo Roberto Pimentel

Get a feel for the freshness in a fresh edit featuring Alien Eduardo Cordero.

Video: Jake Ballantyne and Karson Leigh
Edit: Jake Ballantyne

More on the new AHMYO 81a White Merkaba thanks to Ed:

After 3 years of shredding our Blue thane 73mm 81a Merkaba. It was time for a change. So we decided to go with what we know works best and changed the urethane to our pure ol’ white trustworthy, consistent urethane formula we have been using on Akashas and the new Mukti wheels.

With the change we still have an incredible shape for all types of DH skateboarding at 73mm tall with a 58mm contact patch. And with the new urethane color change, the wear, drift and all around feel of the wheel improves a lot.

Philip Sacks at GHF. Photo Dylan Pierce

Eduardo Cordero at GHF. Photo Dylan Pierce

With skin it will provide a nice grip and thanks to the sharp cut lips, the edge of traction is really easy to notice so you can keep gripping or break traction easily drifting into any corner at speed. Once broken in the consistency of the new color thane shows right away as drifts are way easier to kick out and very comfortable to hold even for the size of the wheel.

Duro: 81a
Diameter: 73mm
Contact Patch: 58mm

Eduardo Cordero in BC. Photo Roberto Pimentel

Still at 81a the mix of thane and duro is perfect to slide at any time and be ready for any surprise on the road.

Trust Yo Thane and try some new 81a White Merkaba Wheels.

Find them at AHMYOWheels.com