Mt Tabor Downhill Challenge Weekend 2019

Late last month in Portland, Oregon, Daddies Board Shop along with Loaded Boards and Landyachtz hosted the 8th Annual Mt Tabor Downhill Challenge, a weekend event including both an “old-school tuck” downhill race on Saturday and a dancing/freestyle contest on Sunday. I made some photos from the event to share with everybody, so enjoy!

Saturday at Mt. Tabor in SE Portland started with a familiar Northwest weather condition, rain. It delayed the event, but only slightly. Most of the 60+ riders were from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia so they knew the deal. The slight drizzle gave everybody more time to mingle and tool around their set-up before practice runs. Some riders chose to play it safe and wait until the road dried up while others wore their leathers for extra safety.

Billy Meiners continued the almost decade-long tradition of organizing the downhill race and it ran smoothly as always. Ty Visser came down from Bellingham again to be the race starter with his signature screaming style. This year’s race classes included Open, Groms (15-), Masters (40+), and Women. Cash prizes were awarded to the winners. The only caveat for the cash prize for open class was that to get the second half of your winnings, you had to sing a karaoke song at Twenty First Ave Kitchen & Bar.

Simon Snethen stretches out the morning kinks among the mingling crowd.
Billy Meiners welcomes all the participants to the 8th Annual Mt Tabor Downhill Challenge and announces that the U-Hauls will be shuttling riders up to the top very soon.
Two riders cruise down during one of the first practice runs of the day.
James Cook points out where he’s going, so you can tell through all the motion blur.
Photographer Kevin Carlton was one of the U-Haul drivers this year.
Riders complete a practice run as the road dries up.
Michael Bridge (in the spotlight) gets up in the mix during practice.
Gordon Miller goes fast through the right before the straightaway during the last practice run before the lunch break.
U-hauls arrive at the top of the hill for the first race heats.
Jon-Erik Slotte, Michael Bridge, Amanda Roden, and Chase Vaughn push off for the first race heat of the day.
By-standers marvel at the skaters zooming down the hill.
Marcie Morgan mashes with the most stylish speed suit.
Mike Wagner, Simon Snethen, and Liam Turner fight for second place behind Bradley Cameron (not pictured).
Mike Shaughnessy rips through a masters race heat.
Tate Flippo and Samuel Sparkowich battle behind Gunnar Morin (not pictured) in a semi-final heat of the open class.
In the grom class final heat, Iggy Aldama-Shaw is being hunted by Oliver Fox, who ultimately made the winning pass before the finish line.
Amanda Roden had a significant lead in the women’s class final heat.
In the masters final heat, Gordon Miller holds off Mike Mike Shaughnessy and Tad Drysdale lurks like a shark before making the pass for second place.
Gunnar Morin holds still in his super aerodynamic position that made him the champion of the open class, while Mack Wacey tries his best to catch him. Michael Bridge in the aero-lid ends up passing Samuel Sparkowich before the finish line. Note that each rider in the open class final heat had a GoPro on their helmet.

Open Final:
1st Gunnar Morin
2nd Mack Wacey
3rd Michael Bridge
4th Samuel Sparkowich
5th Garett Belanger

On Sunday, the weather was very different. With not a cloud in the sky, little shade, and a start time of 1pm, it was a hot dance/freestyle event on blacktop pavement at Arleta School in SE Portland. This was the 2nd Annual Daddies Dancing and Freestyle Contest and there was a tight-knit group that showed up to compete for cash prizes and gear from Loaded Boards.

Robin McGuirk officiated this free event which was a four-part contest: Hippie Jump Contest, Best G-Turn, Best Trick, and Smoothest Continuous Dance Line. The judges were Carla Javier-Brea, Julien Granich-Young, and Kurt Derow. You’ll have to forgive me for the following captions as I don’t know the names of most of the dancing and freestyle maneuvers performed at the contest.

Last year’s winner, Mervyn Victoria, was performing all sorts of flippy, spinny moves.
Geoffrey Donnell gets airborn.
I believe this is Merv doing a fakie big spin.
Group dance fun run!
Gordon Miller came out of nowhere and aired this ramp over the fence.

After a good amount of practice for everyone, it was time to start the contest. First off was the highest hippy jump. Starting low, the bar was raised after everyone got a try at jumping over the bar with the board rolling underneath. If you knocked the pole over or didn’t land on your board, you were out. Having some experience with being a hippy myself, I couldn’t resist joining in the fun too. Somehow, I won that contest.

Geoffrey Donnell jumps hip high.
Here is yours truly getting high with my hippy dippy shoes borrowing Julien’s board.

Next came the best G-turn contest.

Kevin Carlton gets G-ed up from the feet up.
Judges and competitors find solace in the shade and Carla shows signs of minor heat stroke.

Next up was the best trick contest. Technically, this was supposed to be all in one smooth movement/trick with no pauses in between and the judges did their best to determine that. Each rider got three tries if I remember correctly.

I think Brandon Tissen is doing a bigger spin flip here.

At this point, the competition moves on to smoothest continuous dance line.

Brandon nollie flips during a multi-trick line.
Chance Newcome: the smooth operator
Merv was pretty consistent when it came to his tricks.
Geoffrey lands his varial flip.

Robin and the judges added up the scores to determine the winners.

After the event wrapped up, I couldn’t resist getting a few photos of Carla Javier-Brea doing her dancing thang with her tiger-printed leisure shirt.

A big thanks to the Robin McGuirk, Billy Meiners, Daddies Board Shop, Loaded Boards, and Landyachtz for an awesome weekend event. For more photos, check out the gallery on Daddies Board Shop’s Facebook page.