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  1. Nicolas Pache

    Dear Sir or Madam
    I am a media designer from Germany.
    I am interested in your one of your pictures with the name "Josh-and-Max" about longboarding. This I would like to use in a Infobroshüre about longboarding and wanted to ask you for your consent.
    Sincerely yours

    Nicolas Pache

    Please send your answers to the following e-mail:

  2. Ixo Ingeniería


    Dear all:

    At IXO we’re thinking that we’re ready to give some support back to the community from our side, small support, but better than nothing. We will not give cash, just decks which can be sold to get cash for the initiative selected. We're a small company, as most of you know perfectly, and even if we aren't rich, we feel that we're very privileged compared with millions of other people, so we wish to help and support others in worse situations than ourselves.
    We aren't the Red Cross, of course, and our small grain of sand could seem a little ridiculous among the oceans of people in need in the world, but it's something for ourselves, and a small way to say "thanks" to the community.

    IXO will produce a short numbered edition of 6 units of our IXO SK-04 Urban Cruiser model, numbered 1 through 6, in a very special color, and will send them to different charity organizations on 3 continents (2 for Australia, 2 for Europe and other 2 for America).

    We will give priority to organizations that focus their help on CHILDREN or HANDICAPPED PEOPLE. We announce this donation today on our wall, asking for proposals, and after 2 weeks, we will make the decision as to where to send them. All decks will be complete sets, with trucks and wheels.

    We sincerely hope that this decks could raise good funds in the auctions !!

    Best regards to all of you.

    IXO Team

  3. Gregory Daniels

    My wife purchased the premium subscription for me as a gift. The first issue/wheels came on time. The second issue/wheels came one month late but my payment was taken out immediately. The third issue is now late. Once again, payment was taken immediately. Any chance of me getting my magazine/wheels anytime soon? After all….I did pay for it. Also, is this the kind of service I can expect?